About Us

May 29, 2018 / BY

The Foundation is established for social, charitable, cultural, educational, research, and scientific purposes, and aims, inter alia, to promote and develop the education of the public through the social communication, cultural activities, presentation, publication and independent broadcasting

To promote the free dissemination of knowledge which would allow the Albanian people to better understand and evaluate the on-going development processes of its society and enable them to act in their own interests and in the interests of society

Team of the Foundation

Arben Papadhopulli. General Director

Arben joint the Foundation in April 2001. A part of managing Rruga me Pisha Foundation, Arben is an independent expert, project manager, project evaluator and consultant in the fields of media communication, cultural, media and civil society project management, cultural policies and evaluator of creative industry and cultural projects. He has a French DESS in European Cultural Economy by Douphine II French University, a Postgraduate Diploma from the Council of Europe and Kulturkontakt in Austria on European Project Management, a Bachelor’s Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Culture Management in Albania. He has a large professional experience in media, cultural and civil society projects in Albania, the Balkans and EU institutions such as the Council of Europe and EACEA (European Commission). For two years, 1998 – 2000, he was the Director of Art and Culture Project Department in the Ministry of Culture of Albania, and was working at the same time as an independent expert for the Council of Europe, under the MOSAIC Programme “The Exercise of Mapping the Cultural Policies in Albania and the Western Balkans.” He was an expert for the Swiss Culture Programme in the Western Balkans, implementing a capacity building programme for local cultural and Media organizations in Albania in late 2012, and evaluating project proposals. He managed a series of artistic and cultural exchange programs between Western and Balkan European Countries. He was a committee evaluation member of the EU CARDS Programme in the Western Balkans, and a board member of BalkanKult Foundation in Serbia. He has gained academic experience as a lecturer at the University of Belgrade, the Master Programme of UNESCO, and Lion II University in France. From 2012 he has been working as an independent evaluator expert of EACEA – EU Culture Programme 2017-2013 and Creative Europe 2014 – 2020. During 2013 – 2015 he was serving as Key Expert 2 for the European Union Information Center of Tirana. From 2010 he works as a freelance expert on project cycle manager for EU funded programmes, capacity building trainer and consultant for a series of national and international originations and a consultant in the field of communication. From June 2015 he is also in charge of the Creative Europe Media Desk Albania, a local office of the Creative Europe Programme that facilitates the participation of Albanian applicants to the call for proposals published by the sub Media Programme. Since February 2016 he is the Chair of the governing body member of ArtAngle, the Balkan organization that manages the Balkans Arts and Culture Fund 9BAC) which is  financially supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, (SDC), The European Cultural Foundation (SCF) and the ArtAngle. (Balkan – Culture – Development)

Ledia Kiluni : Programme Coordinator, joint the foundation in 2005.

Erion Lesko : Office Manager, joint the Foundation in 2003.

Other team : For various projects the Foundation employees high level outsource professionals in long and short terms. Our  open positions  are always changing.Please  check our website  for new job openings.

TEAM (1999 – 2010) – From its earlier begging until know the Foundation has employed on part time and long-term bases more than 150 national and international professionals. Here are some of the people that have contributed to the success of the projects of the Foundation. Tim Williams. Denny Renton. Penny Leicester. Elenita Roshi. Sadi Petrela. Daniela Kurti. Ruxhdi Pulaha. Ledi Ikonomi. Xhelil Aliu. Andeta Radi. Vjollca Luto. Elton Verzivolli. Esmeralda Rudi. Erjon Kame.Armand Peza. Liljana Shanto. Arben Muka.  Margarita Xhepa. Yllka Mujo. Roza Anagnosti. Medi Gura. Evis Trebicka. Reshat Arbana. Vasjan Lami. Arben Derhemi. Gentian Zeneli. Sokol Angjeli. Valentin Kita. Yllka Mujo. Hervin Culi and more and more others…..


In addition we thank various national professionals that contributed to the development of various projects of the Foundation including Mr. Geron Kamberi. Mrs. Daniela Cekani, Mrs. Elenita Roshi. Mr. Sadi Petrela as well as more others that had a prestigious contribution for the success work achieved.FORMER BOARD OF TRUSTEE

Tim Williams Firstly worked as the project director of the Rruga me Pisha project during 1999 – 2001 and later as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Tim, is actually the team leader of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture & Creativity Programme implemented by the British Council and financially supported by the EU. He has over 20 years’ experience managing international projects in the field of culture in over 45 countries across the globe, including all the Eastern Partnership countries. Tim is a former BBC World Service editor and has developed drama and mass media and capacity building programmes.Currently, in addition to his work with the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture & Creativity Programme, Tim is the voluntary Chairman of the UK National Commission for UNESCO, where he advises the British government on international standards and conventions.

Gabriel Partos. Joint Rruga me Pisha Foundation Board on 2001.  Gabriel the BBC’s Central and South-east Europe Analyst has worked in various parts of the World Service over the last two decades. He is the author of an interview-based history of the Cold War, “The World that Came in from the Cold”, and of numerous articles published in important newspapers and specialist magazines across Europe.

Remzi Lani. Joint the Foundation`s Board on 2001. Mr Lani is the founder and the actual general director of Albanian Media Institute.

Martin Leka. Joint the Foundation in 2001. A part of his large experience as Albanian excellent journalists he occupied various public administrative positions such as the Head of Radio Tirana and  General Director of Albanian National Television. RTSH.

Ina Aleksi. Joint the Foundation in 2001, as the Foundation`s trustees lawyer part of the Kalo and Associates – the official lawyer office of the Rruga me Pisha Foundation.