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May 29, 2018 / BY / IN Projects & Partners

For 2 consecutive years Rruga ne Pisha Foundation produced and broadcasted 20 radio talk shows / 30 minutes each dedicated to the European Union integration and accession process of Albania. The project was a combination of vox pops, studio interviews and  external interviews with different target groups of Albania including : general public, youth, academia, students, representatives of the EU Delegation to Albania. Various commissioners of the European Commission traveling to Albania as well as Albanian members of parliament, government and various agencies.

The main themes debated were: Visa liberalization, what the MSA means to Albanian authority and interested groups, the acquis communities, What are the EU treaties?  What is the EU internal market? The EU actions and instruments in support of business and entrepreneurship. The EU and the Western Balkan Enlargement Agenda. What the candidate status means. The way until opening the negotiation. What’s next? What are the Negotiations and what is to negotiate? What are the priorities established for Albania, and why? Where they stand? Albania and the EU. The relationship so far and the next challenges. EU policies and financial instruments from which Albania benefits and why? IPA. general overview and success stories. What are the “acquis commentaries” Where Albania stands? What`s next? What`s in it for me. – The simple Albanian citizen and the EU.  Etc…

The radio talk shows were broadcasted on the waves of the Albanian National radio “Radio Tirana” and streamed online on the official website and social media of the Rruga me Pisha Foundation and the ones of all the other stakeholders of the Foundation involved on the project.

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