Road shows Project

May 29, 2018 / BY / IN Projects & Partners

For 6 consecutive years Rruga me Pisha Foundation implemented 53 road shows in various cities and villages of Albania.

With a cast of professional actors and new talents, and original scripts written by very well-known and new Albanian talents, the Foundation went to discuss through the theatre performance with large communities in the country tackling social issues such as : EU Integration, Human Rights. Institutional corruption, Organized crime, trafficking of human beings, Democratic elections, Fair judiciary system, Domestic Violence, Gender equality etc…

The concept of road shows was a new phenomenon for Albania when RMPF introduced the road show activity in 2001, through its work with the Mott Foundation. The fact that Albania’s famous actors would travel to the rural parts of the country to perform in outdoor spaces was something, which many people were sceptical of. Despite this, the road shows were a huge success and will now be a permanent feature, funds permitting. It is an innovative way of bringing the characters and issues of Rruga Me Pisha face to face with their audience.

The scripts for the scenes are specially created for the road shows to allow for cultural differences. There is a considerable difference in understanding between the rural and urban and north and south of the country. This makes the road shows a unique opportunity of taking the issues down to the most local level and allowing the audiences to connect with the characters in this way.

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