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For 10 consecutive years the Foundation produced and broadcasted the first ever Albanian social educative radio soap opera “Rruga me Pisha” The production process was based on a 4 by 4 system, which means that in four working weeks 8 new episodes were produced. A total of 800 radio episodes were produced over 10 years. The radio episodes were broadcast and rebroadcast weekly on the waves of Albanian National Radio: Radio Tirana and on the waves of BBC World Service / Albanian Section.

Rruga Me Pisha Radio Soap Opera EDUCATIONAL STORIES.

Over 10 years, in 800 radio episodes, the social educative radio soap opera that employed more than 150 actors across the country, using the highest audio technology and approaching BBC World Service editorial guidelines, developed a series of educational stories such as : Public Health: Primary Health Care/Preventative Medicine: Parental Involvement in Schools: Corruption. Illigal Reconstruction and urbanisation issues :   Enviromental Issue. Domestic Violence. Child rights. Sex Education, reproductive health, jobs, emigration, the family and relationships: Family is the core:Refugees and migration:Roma minority rights:Vulnerable children. Disability:Human Rights, crime and punishment, the blood feuds:Community projects:Self-help and civic reconstruction .Combatting trafficiking of human being, EU integration process. Etc…

The Audience

RMPF used a variety of formal and informal research methods to maintain close contact with listeners. Initially the soap opera began after a long and very detailed formative audience research. Via interviews and focus groups, the Rruga me Pisha team was able to create characters and storylines that would enable the soap opera not only to be realistic, but also to give useful information, open debate and raise awareness. In addition to formal research methods, RMPF organized a monthly competition, which invites the audience to choose their favorite character or storyline. There was an average of 150-200 letters every month. Every year the Foundation conducted a yearly audience feedback nationwide through subcontracted specialized companies using the Focus Group methodology nationwide.

Who Listened to Rruga Me Pisha?

65 % of Albanians. 48 % on a weekly basis. 90 % in the northern region. 70 % of the capital, Tirana. 97 % rate the soap opera as good/very good while 83 % say it is highly entertaining. 92 % say it is informative and educational while 71 % discuss the issues raised in Rruga Me Pisha after the broadcasts.

The soap opera was particularly popular with younger audiences – over 50 % of the audience is under 36 years old.

General Radio Listenership in Albania is as follows: 36 % of the population listens less than 1 hour per day 22% of the population listens just 1 hour per day 21% listen from 2-3 hours per day and 21% listen more than 3 hours per day – Eurobarometer sources.

BBC considered Rruga me Pisha project as the first ever radio programme produced outside the studios of the BBC and broadcasted by them.


The European Union considered Rruga me Pisha Foundation in 2003 as the only one sustainable project in Albania.


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